Research Presented at Annual MATOP Conference

On Friday, September 28th, Prof. Hutcheon presented research at the Annual Mid-Atlantic Teachers of Psychology (MATOP) Conference in Largo, MD.  This talk described the results of a study conducted by the cognitive ctrl lab which investigated how providing students with detailed visualizations of their grade over the course of the semesters impacted student stress and performance in the classroom.  The slides from this talk are available here: Hutcheon_MATOP_2018.

Chapter to be published in Essays from E-xcellence in Teaching

In response to the increased use of personal technologies, such as laptops and cell phones in the classroom, instructors have begun to implement technology bans.  The purpose of this essay is to review the evidence in favor of a technology ban, describe recent results which suggest a ban can be harmful to students’ engagement in the course, and to provide recommendations for instructors to aid in the development of a technology policy for their classrooms (